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The Micro Doc is a style or genre of content. With attention spans in the Internet Broadcasting space lasting only minutes, we have practiced our documentary media gathering skills and focused our editing techniques to maximize your marketing potential. This is all accomplished using the two to five minute Micro Documentary formula. Here are some examples:

STP had been letting its branding power slip in recent years and DDB San Francisco set out to change that. This video was designed and created to help convince the marketing board at STP which direction to travel, and at what speed. The video was shot and edited over the course of four days.

Sears asked us to create a promotional piece for their Facebook page and YouTube channel. The goal was to humanize the Craftsman brand by telling the stories of the people who use and stand by their tools.

Sometimes, there isn't a budget to send a shooter out into the field. Sometimes there isn't the time. A RiPPo is a video created using found footage. It is a collage of imagery and words that will help a large group of business leaders lock-step behind one vision. It is a tool to help focus people's intentions. In this case, footage was pulled from YouTube and Vimeo, and music was Top 10 thumpitty-thump. It is not intended for mass consumption, but as a working example of high-energy Corporate Communication.

Produced for DDB California, this video was intended for a new business pitch. The two man film crew was sent to Sacramento to discover what made the almonds that come from there so delicious. We incorporated the MOS  Man on the Street — interview strategy to give it that "authentic" feel. This video was shot and edited to completion over the course of five days.

This Micro Doc was created to express the need for better branding. During the filmed focus groups, producers from DDB California probed to find out what employees think it means to be "Qualcomm." Shot and edited by reCurve Media's Edward Seaton, you can even see him walking the floor with his camera in the video. The shooting style is very open, with a focus on getting real responses instead of canned answers.

Created over the course of nine months, this video presents DDB California's innovative approach to recruiting new business from a large cheese manufacturer. Pieces of this video were created for other video productions and is the reason we claim a nine month turnaround for this one. At reCurve Media, we are strong believers in getting the most mileage out of your raw footage, which can often be repurposed many times over.

When an Advertising Agency needs to convince a video game company that it KNOWS HipHop, they call reCurve Media. In this example, we went out into the streets of Oakland to create a Micro Doc, asking the question "What is Hip Hop?" This video was shot and then edited to completion within four days.

This is one segment from a documentary we produced for the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks. They hosted the Winter Classic at Wrigley Field and contracted with us to produce the DVD, which was to be sold at local retailers. Despite the Blackhawks' loss to the Detroit Redwings, the DVD continued to sell out for months afterwards.

We followed Chef Paul Kahan of Blackbird, Avec, and The Violet Hour fame on his visit to New Holland Brewing Company. This award-winning Chicago chef and his crack team of culinary ninjas collaborated with NHBC to craft their own biére-de-garde for an upcoming dinner at his new restaurant, The Publican.


In this first episode of three, Paul and his team discuss beer pairings with the brew masters at New Holland.




A Micro Doc showing just how powerful a meme can be. Clorox Bleach cleans up the Vegas Strip!


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